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I am James Dawson. I am starting a project called "Free and Fast Reviews." Here is what it is about in brief: it is very hard for indie authors to get a decent number of quality reviews within a short time; either they have to wait on reviewers for months or they end up paying for reviews. My mission is to build a team of avid and sincere book readers who can read and review books on Amazon within a reasonable time frame.  I am looking for Amazon reviewers for a number of exciting books. If you have reviewed at least 2-3 books on Amazon in the last couple of months, please fill in the form below to get yourself added to my review team. Adding yourself to this list will ensure that you get to read only the genres that you are interested in. I don’t want to waste your time emailing you about a load of genres you don’t want to read. You can remove yourself from this list anytime you want. Here is how the process works:

a) You sign up for this review list

b) Based on your genre preferences, I will send you a list of books to review. For each book, you will either get a free review copy or a coupon code to buy the book off Amazon. Please respond with a "Yes" or "No" to the review request. Note that you are not obligated to review a book you receive a review copy for. If you don't like a particular book within your preferred genre, just say no; it is alright. Review copies will be made available to you only in DIGITAL formats such as EPUB, MOBI or PDF. NO print copies are available, sorry, although if you wish you may buy print copies of the book at your expense. 

c) Reviews need to be completed within 2 weeks from the receipt of review copy. I need the reviews posted on

d) Once you have posted a review on please send me a permalink to your review. You can post your review on any other site you want but Amazon is what matters to me.

For any questions please connect with me at homebix AT
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